Drake Slams Chris Brown, Praises “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” On “5AM In Toronto”

Drake’s new material is all about validating his place in the game while clearing up any rumors you may have wasted precious brain space on, as heard on his new track, “5AM In Toronto,” which he dropped very early Thursday morning. But before you take a listen, you have to give it up to Drizzy for keeping the Blogspot family in business.
Like “Started From The Bottom,” the song is biting and boastful, with numerous direct shots at the people and things that have threatened to keep him down over the years. Decide for yourselves whether or not Chris Brown, Rihanna, and, yes, maybe even the Weeknd, are on Drizzy’s naughty list, while checking out some instant-classic lines below.

1. “That’s why every song sound like Drake featuring Drake”

Easily the most talked about/mocked since last night’s premiere. Drizzy hasn’t wavered from believing himself to be the first artist with a Capital A to ever successfully rap and sing on an album. I’ll allow Canada’s two most beloved children to handle this disagreement at the nearest Tim Hortons.

2.”I made Forbes list, ni–a/F–k your list, everything’s lookin’ gorgeous”

While he’s been included in the annual roundup of entertainment’s highest earners over the years, the jab is likely at MTV’s Hottest MC’s List for 2013. Is no one happy about this?

Just stay above the Sway fray, Drizzy.

3. “Bad press during the summer over allegations/I ain’t lyin’, my n–ga, my time is money/That’s why I ain’t got time for a n–ga who’s time is comin'”

After less-than-subtle video hints and broken bottles last June, Drake is finally confirming he doesn’t have time to cry over Brown’s missing chin pieces. But reiterating just how ABOVE IT ALL he feels he truly is proves the dramatic and longstanding Drizzy-Breezy feud wasn’t over, and it still isn’t over. This also suggests Drake is part oracle.

4. “Sinatra lifestyle, I’m just being Frank with you”

Lest we get too serious, a key reminder that the braggadocious, Happy Drake hasn’t vanished completely.

5. “I’m on my King James s–t I’m trying to win here again”

I get it, rappers love LeBron James and the Miami Heat. I love to see a rap battle in which Drake and Kanye West–whose “New God Flow” raps of a feeling only he and No. 6 understand–compete to see who is truly living a life most like that of the NBA champion.

But my favorite part of the track is Drake’s brief allusion to one of the greatest, albeit underappreciated, television dads: Philip Banks (“Anything happen to pop and I got you like Uncle Phil”). Yes, Cousin Will was wild and irresponsible and probably ate all the steak, but we quickly forget how much of a sacrifice Phil made to help his wife’s nephew out during trying times.

Plus, he put up with way too many fat jokes.

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