The Scoop: What Piece Of Art Did Britney Spears Just Buy?

How is Psy following up his massive “Gangnam Style” success? And why has Chris Brown started calling himself “Christopher”? The answers to these questions, plus more, are in today’s The Scoop.

  • She may no longer be judging contestants on X Factor, but Britney Spears still considers herself a good judge of art. She recently put down cash on a painting of a Parisian street scene she bought from a vendor on the street. But who knows? Maybe she’s discovered the next Picasso. [Daily Mail]
  • Korean superstar Psy has just announced that his next single is “happening” as soon as April 13. He also treated his fans to a new youtube clip of him mixing “Gangnam Style” and “The Harlem Shake”. So that’s a thing you can watch. [MTV News]
  • Chris Brown called 911 last night because he felt threatened by the paparazzi. Evidently he referred to himself to 911 not as “Young Breezy”, but as “Christopher”. Very formal indeed. [TMZ]
  • Finally, The Stone Roses and Azealia Banks came to blows during a concert in Australia when one of The Stone Roses called Banks a racial slur and tried to attack her midway through her set. Apparently Banks’s ex tour manager made a pact with the Stone Roses to sabotage any of Banks’s future sets. The musicians have since apologized to each other, so we can all get along now. [Oh No They Didn’t]

by Meghan O’Keefe (@megsokay)

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]