20 Women Whose Careers Popped Because Of A Man

Don’t wave your ’this is sexist’ flags just yet. At least hear us out. We haven’t gone all Tommy Mottola or Clive Davis on you by claiming these women owe their success to men. Woosah.

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During our a trip down memory lane we stumbled upon male/female duos that musically mesh, specifically men who made these women’s career pop. The magic that happens in (and out) the studio between these pairs–albeit husband, ex boyfriend, producer–is nothing like what the women have done on their own. We’ll let you decide if that’s good or bad. J.Lo and Puff are the perfect example. It wasn’t that Jenny from the block wasn’t already a rising star in her own right. She was. And Puff may have had little to do with her musical credits. What he did do was give the girl from the Bronx an edge, swagging her out to the hip-hop and R&B audiences.  Check out the women who were better off with certain men.