Last Lap: Justin Timberlake Brings “SexyBack” To Barbershop Quartets

Also, what’s so creepy crazy about Lady Gaga’s new wheelchair? And maybe it’s lucky day for Taylor Swift, but it’s both a lucky and an unlucky day for some of her biggest fans in today’s Last Lap.

  • Justin Timberlake joined the Ragtime Gals on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to bring “SexyBack” to barber shop quartets. Check out the clip below:

  • Is Lady Gaga’s performance art becoming life? She’s commissioned a gold wheelchair for her recovery from hip surgery much like the wheels she was in her “Paparazzi” video. I just hope this doesn’t mean she’s going to try to poison her boyfriend next. [MTV News]
  • March 13th was supposed to be a lucky day for Taylor Swift, but it seems that tons of unopened fanmail to her was found in a Nashville dumpster. It was reportedly a sorting mistake, but let’s hope Tay-Tay doesn’t actually think her fans are trash. [ABC News – Nashville]
  • Also in Swifty news, the pop star debuted her ebullient new video for “22” on Good Morning America earlier today. The song is super catchy and I’m already working on the dance moves for the part where she lies in a pile of people. []

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]