While You Were Sleeping: Were Lil Wayne’s Seizures Last Night The First Ones He’s Had?

Is Bret Michaels following in the footsteps of Magic Mike? And what did Justin Timberlake treat the audience to on his final night guesting on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon? This and more in this morning’s “While You Were Sleeping”.

  • Was Lil Wayne’s health scare last night just the latest chapter in his war with seizures? Details are emerging that Wayne has been battling not just his on-going sizzurp addiction, but that he’s had treatment for numerous seizures over the last year. For more visit MTV News.
  • Bret Michaels has turned down a job offer from Chippendale’s. The famed all-male (no clothes) offered Michaels a hosting gig, but alas, the Poison star turned them down in favor of doing a series for the Travel Channel called Rock My RV. [TMZ]
  • In his final appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this week, Justin Timberlake joined the late night host for the fourth installment of their “History of Rap” sketches. Check it out below:

  • Canadian crooner Michael Buble is expecting a child in August. He spilled the news to none other than Reese Witherspoon of all people, and for her part, Witherspoon kept it quiet. [People]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]