While You Were Sleeping: Did Questlove Spoil A Big Timberlake Surprise In An Online Forum?

Why has rapper M.I.A. been slapped with a restraining order? Who is Ke$ha standing up for and what she is standing up against? The answers to these questions plus the return of Paramore in today’s “While You Were Sleeping”.

  • Rumors are swirling that Questlove spilled that Justin Timberlake is releasing a second volume of his 20/20 Experience in November.  The news was posted on a message board that Questlove is reportedly a member of and if true means that we’ll be getting not just 10, but 20 new JT tracks this year. [Vibe.com]
  • “Bad Girls” rapper M.I.A. has been hit with a restraining order that prohibits her from taking her son out of Brooklyn without the child’s father present. After a feud with her ex-fiance, Benjamin Bronfman, M.I.A. took to twitter to accuse the Bronfman clan of trying to steal her son and she has threatened in turn to take him off to London. [BET]
  • Ke$ha wrote an open letter on behalf of the Humane Society that applauds new laws in the EU that ban animal tested cosmetics from store shelves. She writes that “animal testing is ugly–period.” I guess it’s certainly not “crazy beautiful”.  [The Humane Society]
  • Paramore is back! After a long hiatus, the band returned to the stage at SXSW where they were warmly received. Only about a dozen hours after that, the band also hit the mtvU Woodie Awards where they chatted about their new album. [MTV News]

[Photo credit: Getty Images]