One Week After Nearly Dying, Lil Wayne Is Well Enough To Bury The Hatchet With TMZ

One week ago today, Lil Wayne nearly kicked the bucket after sippin’ too much sizzurp (or was he poisoned?). TMZ erroneously reported that he was on his death bed and being read his last rites, but Weezy proved the naysayers wrong, emerging from his coma long enough to tweet “F**k TMZ.” However, over the course of the last week, he seems to have squashed his beef with Harvey Levin; he released an exclusive video this morning to TMZ proclaiming himself “good … a n***a more than good.”

In an iPhone video directed by DJ Scoob Doo —will this get him entrance into the DGA, we wonder?— Weezy also mentions that I Am Not A Human Being Pt. II drops next week, and invites his pal and future touring partner T.I. on camera with him, too. (Be warned: There are more than a few N-bombs thrown into the mix.) It’s good to see Lil Wayne alive and well enough to address the camera with a vigorous “Kiss my fist,” so let’s keep our fingers crossed that he sticks to THC-laced lollipops and stays away from the purp for the forseeable future.

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