First Dibs: Why Is Nicole Scherzinger Refusing to “Bow Down” To Queen Bey?

Who’s masterminding Demi Lovato’s hip new look? Which One Direction member had to put his sister in line? All this, plus the 15th anniversary of ’NSYNC, in today’s First Dibs.

  • Nicole Scherzinger doesn’t want to pay total homage to Beyonce’s “Bow Down” just yet. While the former Pussycat Doll does admit ” I think she’s Queen Bey for sure,” she’s also unsure about the song and thinks it has a lot of angst. Meow. [Capital FM]
  • If Demi Lovato has been looking more stylish lately, she has TopShop to thank. No, she hasn’t just been shopping there. TopShop literally stepped in and gave her a fashion intervention. [Glamour]
  • Zayn Malik’s sister got in trouble for selling One Direction merchandise online. Not knowing you’re beautiful makes you beautiful; not knowing copyright laws makes you screwed. [Sugarscape]
  • Sure it’s been a big week for Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience on the charts, but it’s also the 15th anniversary of ’NSYNC’s debut album. Check out bb JT’s first interview with MTV News and Lance Bass’s emphatic declaration that ’NSYNC would never disband.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]