Me and My Girlfriend: We Rank the 10 Flyest Boo’s in Hip Hop


Ryan Gosling has a mighty sexy plus-one; so does Brad Pitt. But when you’re talking about the flyest wives and girlfriends, ever — we’re talking Beyonce, folks — they aren’t found in Hollywood, they’re in hip hop.

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Alicia, Rihanna, Ciara — the list of gorgeous hip hop lady loves is practically endless. So we felt it was time to institute an official ranking! Not mens magazine-style, though (it’s not about who has the biggest ass). We’re grading these women based on three qualities that men don’t even consciously notice: makeup, hair, and fashion sense. Now, before Alica Keys stans start threatening to picket our offices, please bear in mind that our ranking has nothing — nothing — to do with talent, personality, character, or even class (if that were the case, we’d have to cut the list in half).

Listen, we adore Alicia Keys, we just wish she looked more comfortable in red carpet gowns, that’s all.

Without further adieu, check out our ranking of the ten hottest hip hop girlfriends and wives!

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