Guards Evoke Fifties Nostalgia In Their New “Ready To Go” Video

Guards are a Brooklyn-based indie rock band who we were fortunate enough to catch live a few times at SXSW a few weeks back. Their debut album, In Guards We Trust, is full of anthemic tracks that combine gorgeously fuzzy guitar riffs and multi-tracked vocals in a way that feels both nostalgic and very of-the-moment. Their new, black and white, Super 8 style video for “Ready To Go” definitely caters to that nostalgic element of which we speak, and sort of reminds of a 50s era analog of Jimmy Eat World’s video for “The Middle.”

We reference “The Middle” because both videos revolve around a coed pool party, and also share a thematic link revolving around the sexual awakening of teenagers. Inhibitions, in both instances, are just as easily stripped away as clothing. In the case of “Ready To Go,” the nightswimming (and dayswimming!) of the protagonists is also accompanied by some heavy petting in the backseat of an automobile, as well as repeated shots of ice cream being licked. It’s far less dirty than this description is making it out to be, and one of the more visually evocative videos we’ve seen throughout the first quarter of this year.

Guards have already earned themselves high praise from the likes of NPR and Vogue, and their new(ish) LP has also earned itself some heavy rotation on our stereo system. Why not give In Guards We Trust a whirl yourself and see how it strikes you?