INTERVIEW: Timeflies Talks Working On Debut Album And Beyonce Conspiracy Theories

On a chilly night in New York, it’s safe to say the last place you want to be is steps away from the West Side Highway where the risk of getting lost in a see of vacant car dealerships runs high and finding an acceptable watering hole or restaurant is nearly impossible. And yet, the streets are teeming with teenage fans all of whom are wearing far too little considering the fickle weather we’ve been having. I guess I should mention that I’m standing outside of Terminal 5 and we’re a few hours out from a Timeflies show. Ah, it all makes sense now.

The duo most commonly described as “electro-pop” has crashed onto our radar in the last year, demanding attention from major labels and TV networks after somewhat quietly building up a fervent fan base via free releases and weekly music videos called Timeflies Tuesdays. Despite being unsigned, their DIY campaign and decision to smartly rework popular songs (like Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” or “Under The Sea” from The Little Mermaid) has helped them sell out shows around the country (including the aforementioned T5 gig), reach No. 1 on the iTunes charts with last year’s EP One Night, and become the latest crushworthy obsession for many of your friends. Being recent college graduates themselves, the music is blends genres–largely drawing from EDM, pop, and hip-hop–you can relate to, whether you’re currently living the undergrad life or simply want to revisit the past, while the atmosphere at a live show becomes an excuse for fans to let loose and escape for an hour or two.

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