Last Lap: Kylie Minogue Set To Appear At Logo’s NewNowNext Awards

We know Beyonce is covering Amy Winehouse on The Great Gatsby soundtrack, but is someone else covering Beyonce?!? Is Marc Anthony dating a Jennifer Lopez lookalike? And what does “soft” mean in hip-hop?

  • Kylie Minogue will be hitting Logo’s NewNowNext Awards airing April 15. No one knows yet whether Queen Kylie will sing, dance or merely grace us with her presence, but it’s going to be spectacular. []
  • Details for The Great Gatsby’s soundtrack have finally emerged. In addition to Beyonce and Andre 3000’s take on Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black”, the soundtrack boasts new songs from Lana Del Rey and Florence + the Machine, as well as tracks from Jack White, the XX, Gotye, Sia and a new cover of Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love.” [Rolling Stone]
  • Marc Anthony, 44, may be shacking up with 22 year old TopShop heiress, Chloe Green, but one or both them seems fixated on Anthony’s ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez. Green has been seen recently looking like a carbon copy of J. Lo. [Daily Mail]
  • What does it mean to be “soft” in hip-hop? Well, the answer to that is complicated and ever-changing. Hit up MTV Hive to find out more.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]