Joe King Says Going Solo “Feels Like Puberty”

Joe King is feeling a little vulnerable these days with the release of his debut solo EP King on April 23. The Fray’s co-founder likened his first release sans bandmates to going through puberty again. “I’m sprouting hairs and learning how to shave. My voice is cracking,” he said. Yikes!

Benevolent boozers music lovers that we are, we invited Joe to release some jitters about his “Need A Woman By Friday“-led project with a little Southern Hospitality in NYC. Over beers (Prost craft brew is preferred) and BBQ the Denver native spilled about why he’s so willing to brave a little teenage-like insecurity in order to “innovate or die.”

“The record for me really was about self-discovery…exploring those different sides of myself and acting on an urge to step out and try something different,” Joe said. Of course he hopes all this passion and energy from “feeling like a new artist again” carries over into the the studio as The Fray’s fourth album comes together.

Come back next Friday, April 12 for Part 2 of our four-part interview when Joe geeks out with us about gaming, Mike Tyson’s “Fight Night,” why you might find paddles on his tour rider and how he beat Dave Matthews.

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The Fray’s Joe King Is Breaking Away From The Group For His First Solo Release