CONCERT REVIEW: Gin Wigmore’s Sexy Gravel & Wine Pairs Perfectly With Live In The Vineyard

New Zealand transplant Gin Wigmore is playing to a sold-out crowd at Mercury Lounge in NYC tonight, but we were lucky enough to catch her set at Live In The Vineyard in Napa, CA over the weekend. By far the blonde hair-blue eyed edgy charmer’s enthralling performance of tracks off her sophomore album Gravel & Wine (first U.S. release) left us with a lingering hangover we’re not anxious kick.

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Her sound could be described as a little country swagger, tinged with blues with a indie alt rock bent, or, very simply: it’s just Gin. She took the stage at LITV unassumingly enough in a sleeveless black maxi dress with a big grin and wave to the crowd that showcased her heavily tatted arms. If you didn’t immediately catch on that the woman has a dark charm about her from her lace with a leather edge look, you definitely got the gist when she opened up that honey-tinged, throaty vocal to croon “Man Like That.”

Impressively, the multi-platinum New Zealand star commanded an audience unfamiliar with her music other than a few “James Bond Skyfall” TV spots. Gin transformed that curiosity into a sustained fever pitch of screaming  “I love yous” over the course of a mere seven songs. That she did so with no more than a couple of guitars and a guy playing soapbox percussion is a testament to that old Southern church woman whine of a voice she has. It’s as intoxicating as the liquor-inspired name she bears.

Gin closed with her latest single “Black Sheep,” fittingly swigging the last dregs of whatever amber liquid was in her wine glass before belting out lyrics “everybody’s doing it so why the Hell should I?” I’ll drink to that, and I think we’re all ready for another round of Gin over here.

Set List
“Man Like That”
“Don’t Stop”
“Singin’ My Soul”
“Kill of the Night”
“Black Sheep”

[Photos: VH1/Jen Marigliano]

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