CONCERT REVIEW: New Kids On The Block Win Us Over With Wine At First Live Acoustic Set

“Here’s your tagline, we’re drunk!” New Kids On The Block’s Joey McIntyre ad-libbed toward the end of the group’s classic “Hangin’ Tough.” Why? Because amazing things happened when NKOTB performed their first ever acoustic set at Live In The Vineyard last weekend.

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The fab five worked the crowd with so much energy, though, you’d think they had more than just a keyboard and guitar accompaniment backing them for their seven-song set that mixed old favorites like “Step By Step” and their latest single “Remix (I Like The).” They even showed off some vintage choreography. Still holds up.

Right now the guys are promoting their latest studio album 10 and this summer’s The Package Tour with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees. With what’s bound to be such the adrenaline-pumping madness fans have come to expect from NKOTB on the horizon, it was refreshing to see them in a stripped down atmosphere.

Don’t think those dynamic personalities were subdued in the least by the picturesque setting, though. NKOTB had some fun at the expense of their near 30-year status as pop staples by individually introducing themselves like a new group, including fave foods and star signs. We know you’re wondering, so: yes, Jordan Knight still likes long walks on the beach; Danny Wood enjoys pizza and is single; Joey’s favorite color is red (welcome).

If only all of our boy band crushes would transition from mall hang fantasies to bar crawl daydreams with as much ease as New Kids On The Block. Donnie Wahlberg had it right,”The New Kids age like fine wine.”

[Photos: VH1Jen Marigliano]

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