Jessie Ware Channels A Little Janet Jackson, A Little Madonna For “Imagine It Was Us”

Jessie Ware didn’t lie when she hinted at channeling Madonna and Janet Jackson in her upcoming video. Now that “Imagine It Was Us” has arrived the homage is obvious. Don’t get too excited. She hasn’t reinvented “Rhythm Nation.”

Admittedly this month’s You Oughta Know artist is no choreographed dancer. Once she realized that (we have a feeling it was on set once she found herself being more silly than perfecting dance moves) she was able to resume her ode to the pop-dance queens in her own way, Jessie style. One minute she’s singing under the disco ball as the lights hit the stage. The next she’s at the most interesting party we’ve seen dancing sort of flash mob style with some rather eccentric patrons. Her 80s ponytail is whipping side to side as she moves left to right. It’s perfect.

“Imagine It Was Us” is one of the added tracks for the U.S. April 16 debut. Stay tuned for all Jessie Ware everything this month. And if you don’t know, you oughta know.

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