GIF: Mariah Carey Anoints American Idol‘s Candice Glover With Glitter

On last night’s American Idol, the final six competitors belted their way through the Bacharach songbook and chose songs they wished they’d written, but the moment of the night came directly after the performance of the night, when judge Mariah Carey left her post to shower contestant Candice Glover in glitter.

Last week, the judges were grilled on their top three contestants, and Mariah was the only judge to include belter Candice Glover in her favorites. After Glover nailed a jazz version of The Cure’s “Love Song” (inspired by Adele’s version on 21), the judges were not only singing her praises, they were bowing to her. Keith Urban got out of his seat to pay homage. Randy Jackson declared it one of the best performances in American Idol history. Finally, Mimi, got out of her seat and tossed glitter over Candice:

Which begs so many questions….such as “What does this mean?”, “Has Mariah anointed other singers with glitter?”, “Does Mimi go everywhere with glitter?”, “Does the glitter represent Mariah’s soul?”, “Does the glitter mean Mariah has crowned Candice as a queen?”, “Will Candice be able to suck some of Mariah’s own star power out of her soul now?”, and “ARE ALL THE OTHER CONTESTANTS JEALOUS?”

One thing’s for sure and that’s after that performance, Candice Glover should be the frontrunner for the American Idol crown. But will America agree? To find out if Candice won the audience over or if she’s getting the boot, tune in to American Idol tonight on Fox.

[Photo Source: Fox; Gif Source: Reality TV Gifs]

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