Joe King Beat Dave Matthews, Gets Intimidated Fighting Mike Tyson

Back in the day Joe King used to be Denver’s answer to David Beckham. “Once I joined a band, I quickly learned that attention from the ladies on stage is much better than playing [soccer], so I quit,” he admitted. But the “Need A Woman By Friday” singer still has enough AstroTurf and competitive spirit to go toe-to-to with Mike Tyson and Dave Matthews from time to time. We’re talking video games.

While we hung out with Joe at Southern Hospitality in NYC to dish on his forthcoming debut solo EP King and why he’s so into chocolate (hint: potty training), The Fray co-founder nerded-out with us about gaming. He even revealed his one diva tour rider request. “I’m obsessed with ping pong; I’ve always toured with a ping pong table with The Fray,” Joe said. “It’s like therapy for me.”

Well, if ping pong calms Joe down, Galaxian (a Space Invaders successor from the ’80s) totally riles him up. The guitarist regularly plays an original arcade version he has stashed at home. Anyone who challenges him should know he dominated his bandmates and Dave Matthews’ for the all-time high score in the studio a couple years back. But fighting analog aliens isn’t were  Joe’s retro gaming interests end. The 8-bit wunderkind was into Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! something fierce growing up.

Watch Joe wax poetic about some other unexpected interests in the clip above (what you know about horseshoes, son?) and come back next Friday, April 19  to see Part 3 of our four-part interview when Joe opens up about testing new material on his toughest little critics: his daughters.

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