Kylie Minogue’s 10 Most Butt-iful Moments

Ever since Australian pop diva Kylie Minogue hit the scene with her 80s pop cover of “The Locomotion”, we’ve been in love with her pep, her beauty, her voice and her butt. Kylie has one of the most delicious derrieres in the world and tonight she’s showing off that tremendous tush at LOGO’s NewNowNext Awards airing at 10/9 Central (and streaming GLOBALLY.)

Lips are sealed on what Kylie will be bringing to the event, but we’re positive that she’ll bring great butt. So in honor of Kylie’s amazing butt, we’re counting down her top ten most butt-iful moments.

10) “Let’s Get To It” Tour

From the beginning of her career, Kylie knew what her assets were. Kylie made her butt a showstopper part of her 1991 “Let’s Get To It” Tour when she put on this outrageous fishnet body suit.

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9) Kylie’s Wax Figure At Madame Tussaud’s

It’s completely normal for celebrities to have their likenesses featured at Madame Tussaud’s. It’s not normal for the focus of their wax sculpture to be….their butt. In Kylie’s case it makes total sense considering her butt is one of the best in the world. Who wouldn’t want to pay money to see that?

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8) Anytime Kylie Dances

Watch any Kylie Minogue performance and you’ll notice two things:

1) She is full of light and love and joy.


2) She always, always works the butt.

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7) “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” at The Brit Awards

In 2002, Kylie Minogue was an international superstar at the top of her game–in an industry that may have written her off in the early 90s. The source of her newfound success? “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”. The song was such an international smash that Madonna was a Kylie fangirl.

When Kylie took the stage at the 2002 Brit Awards, she gave a live performance worthy of pop immortality…and made sure her butt was also on full display.

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6) Talking Tailbones On The Wendy Williams Show

Kylie recently visited The Wendy Williams Show and dished on her derriere. When asked about how she keeps it up, she pluckily added, “I let it do its thing.” Williams made Kylie do a booty dance for the camera, which made the 40-something diva exclaim, “That’s going to be a G-I-F!”

To check it out in real time:

5) When She Played Pinball With Her Butt

That’s all.

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4) “Spinning Around”

At the beginning of the “Spinning Around” music video, Kylie Minogue walks into a bar wearing the tightest, tiniest gold booty shorts in creation and shows off the power of her then 30-something tush. And thus, a legend was born:

3) Using Her Butt As Wheels In “Spinning Around”

There are a lot of great individual moments in the “Spinning Around” music video, but the moment when Kylie rolls across the bar on her butt as if they were wheels, shows the world–nay, the universe–that she has the roundest butt in existence.

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2) Agent Provacateur Advertisement

In 2004, Kylie made an advertisement for high-end lingerie chain Agent Provocateur in which she wears their garments while riding a velveteen mechanical bull. It’s been voted the sexiest cinema ad of all time in the UK and was banned from being shown. Why? BECAUSE HER BUTT IS TOO MUCH FOR THE BRITISH POPULACE TO HANDLE.

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