Jessie Ware Performs Double Duty At Coachella While Looking And Sounding Flawless

Music fans and MDMA enthusiasts alike converged in Indio, California over the last few days for the first weekend of the 2013 Coachella Festival. Sadly, we were stuck on our couches here in New York City and not in attendance, but thanks to the magic of YouTube, we spent a considerable amount of time over the weekend watching the myriad acts on the lineup delight both the sober and not-so-sober members of the audience (we’re talking to you, denizens of the Sahara Tent). Of course, one of our favorite acts of the weekend was our April You Oughta Know artist, Jessie Ware, who performed not once but TWICE over the weekend.

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When you think of the kind of sets that tend to win over festival crowds, they typically come from high energy rockbands and superstar DJs. However, Jessie Ware’s late afternoon set on Sunday afternoon won raves from fans and professional critics alike. Eschewing her typical black garb, she dressed in a colorful red and white print, which makes perfect sense considering the temperatures were hovering in the 90s for most of the weekend. Below, you can find a video of her performing her hit “Running” at the Mojave Tent below:

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