Jessie Ware Thinks Charlie From Girls Is A Hunk

Jessie Ware loves Girls. Not girls (get your mind out of the gutter), but HBO’s Girls. It’s one of her latest obsessions. Her love runs so deep with the generation Y version of Sex and the City she has a request: All she wants is for just one cast member to show up to one of her stateside shows.

“Adam! I love Adam,” she proclaimed. While Adam (Adam Driver) may be her favorite she was bloody impressed with Marnie’s (Allison Williams) Kanye West’s “Stronger” performance. “Adam is my favorite, but I think Marnie came into her own when she did “Stronger.” It was so cringe!” Jessie also noticed how hot Charlie (Christopher Abbott) was in the second season compared to the first. “He’s now a hunk with loads of money.” So, which one of the Girls crew is going to make our April You Oughta Know artist’s dream come true?

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