VOTE: Did Nicki Minaj Look Too Boob-iful On Idol Last Night?

The girls were on full display last night on American Idol–and we’re not just talking about how the Top 5 this year is all female. Judge Nicki Minaj looked stunning in a tight red dress and stunned some people in our own offices by how crazy risque the look was. While Minaj undoubtedly looked gorgeous, radiant and divine, but should she have chosen such a boob-iful dress for what’s widely considered one of the most family friendly shows on television?

Nicki’s no stranger to taking fashion risks. At this point, we live to see what crazy corset or whacked out wig Ms. Minaj is going to don next. Did she go too far last night, though? Some say yes. Little kids tune into American Idol to listen to the contestants blast their pipes–not to stare at Miss Nicki Minaj’s own pipes.

But…boobs are just boobs. Most moms have boobs and lots of families have moms. Are boobs alone so offensive? I mean, a boob is a boob is a boob, right? Also, boobs out or boobs in, Nicki looked absolutely gorgeous last night.

What do you think? Should Nicki have worn a more demure dress or is she perfect just the way she is?

Did Nicki Look Too Boob-iful On Idol Last Night?

[Photo Credit: Fox & Getty Images]