Are Joe King’s Kids And Cereal Behind The Fray’s Biggest Hits?

Joe King’s solo EP Breaking drops next Tuesday, but his 7-year-old daughter’s front teeth coming in trumps all of that. The proud papa of two opened up about his home life, how one of his girls wound up on President Obama’s radar and why a bowl of Rice Krispies® in his household can mean the difference between a single that pops or flops.

Joe said of testing out his tracks on his pint-sized critics, “I’ll sneak in a little laptop [and press play], and if they just keep eating…it’s not very good.”  The Fray’s co-founder better watch out, though. One of his little stars was cute enough to get POTUS to personally lend her the CIA during a White House visit last December. Who knows what adorable antics they’ll pull off once they hit their teens.

If you want more of Joe’s softer side check out the clip above. Then get back here April 23 for the final installment of our four-part interview with the “Need A Woman By Friday” singer. Casanova Joe will share secrets to winning over women (no guitar necessary) while we give you tips on scoring free tickets to a King show in Denver.