Last Lap: Is Miranda Lambert Spying On Husband Blake Shelton?

Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez rekindling their hot young romance? What do the critics think of Daft Punk’s wildly popular new single? And do you need a Friday pick me up? We found something that might help.

  • Miranda Lambert has shrugged off rumors that hubby Blake Shelton is cheating on her. In the new print edition of US Weekly, Lambert explains that she trusts him because she keeps tabs on him by reading his texts and twitter DMs, and spying on your husband means you really trust him. [US Weekly via Celebitchy]
  • Justin Bieber has been spotted with a screensaver of Selena Gomez on his iPhone. The photo was only taken last month and Gomez reportedly flew to Oslo this week to reunite with her ex-boyfriend. Ah…young famous love… [Daily Mail]
  • The critics have weighed in on Daft Punk’s hot new single, “Get Lucky”. Well, most reviews are positive, but some are a tiny bit disappointed in how much the song borrows from 70s disco riffs, but at the same time those critics still really, really, really like the track. [MTV News]
  • Having a rough day (or week)(or have you been watching the news)? The folks at have you covered. They’ve taken a popular GIF of Vice President Joe Biden removing his scarf like a boss and set it on a loop to Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack”.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]