First Dibs: How Did Sensational Stoner Rihanna Celebrate 4/20?

Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez officially back together? Has Kanye West abandoned pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian? And why arethe Jonas Brothers thankful for their fans?

  • After wowing the crowd on stage in Sunrise, Florida last night, Rihanna hung out with Adrianna Lima, received two pot-themed cakes in honor of 4/20, smoked blunts and got drunk at a local nightclub. All in all, fine stoner holiday fun for Ri-ri. [Daily Mail and Twitter]
  • Selena Gomez flew to Oslo, Norway this week at the same time as Bieber and now they’ve posted (and deleted) photographic evidence of their reunion. Gomez posted a photo of her phone case matching her nails on Facebook yesterday and she has the same nails (gasp!) in a photo of her canoodling with Bieber that he posted and took off Instagram. [Oh No They Didn’t]
  • Kanye West hasn’t been seen in Los Angeles with pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian in months, but he is still very much involved as a dad-to-be. Kanye has taken multiple flights back and forth from Paris on expensive private jets to be there for Kim’s check ups and he calls the doctors before every appointment. [TMZ]
  • The Jonas Brothers are back together and they say that their first album in three years is their “best” yet. The bros also admitted they “are very happy that people are actually showing up to concerts and listening to the music yet again.” [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]