Joe King Offers Do’s And Don’ts Of Getting A Woman By Friday

Joe King knows a little something about keeping the ladies interested. Sure, he has a multi-platinum selling band under his belt and a solo EP Breaking which drops today, but the “Need A Woman By Friday” singer has a few tried-by-error methods to help get you a date by Friday night without all that (hint: listen to your mama).

A few years before penning his apropos titled single, Joe ended a long relationship that lasted all of his 20’s. He copped to going through a few rough experiences before learning how to differentiate the crazies from the good catches. “I was just learning the ropes about how to treat a lady or how to talk to a woman,” Joe said in the clip above. “It was pretty damn scary, but more so fun.”

Joe doesn’t want to be 55 and not have someone to grow old with (neither do we). So what’s The Fray co-founder’s do’s and don’ts for wooing a lady?  Play it cool for one. “Don’t text right away. If she texts you, wait like 15 minutes to text back,” Joe said. Alright, we’re down for the thrill of the chase. Just don’t leave us waiting too long, Joe!

Check out the interview above for more love tips and why “Need A Woman By Friday” gives Taylor Swift a run for her money in his home. If all else fails, hit up Joe’s Instagram where he’s been giving away free tickets to King album release shows in Denver.