Rihanna’s Revealing New Instagrams Spark Boob Job Rumors

Fans are used to seeing Rihanna flaunting her flawless beach bod on her Instagram, but recently some of her “astute” followers have noticed a change in her recently. Errr, should we say, two changes…

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Riri posted a photo last night getting her hair done for a photoshoot, with nothing by a towel loosely covering her upper half. And she does certainly appear somewhat “fuller” than her bikini vacation pics from two days before. They difference does have some claiming “boob job”.

To which we say: Really guys? A boob job? Over the course of two days!? Let’s see, factoring time to get out of the beach villa and to the hospital, that would give her about a 36 hour recovery period before getting whisked to a topless photoshoot. That seems cutting it a little tight to us. Plus, look at her hands in that pic, people.  Seems like a manual boost. All in all, we’re going to go with a big bucket of no in regard to the breast implant rumors.

The pop queen has been feeling pretty good lately, thanks to a record breaking 10 nominations for the Billboard Music Awards. “I owe this to my fans and to Billboard! Thank you for the love! It’s pretty major! #BillboardMusicAwardz #10Nominations #1Love” she tweeted yesterday. The nods include Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Social Artist and Top R&B Artist. Yet we didn’t see a “Top Pantsless Artist” in there. Maybe next year.

[Photo: Instagram]

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