Keith Sweat’s New Dating Site Is Our Everything

Are you looking for the “Girl Of Your Dreams” to “Get Up On It”? Is being “In Love For One Night” something that appeals to you? On “Ladies Night,” are you wishing you met a man who would “Just Wanna Sex You”? “Telephone Love” just not doing it for you anymore? If you answered yes to one (or all!) of the above, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: Head over to the new dating site, True Love Meets, which has been endorsed by the one and only Keith Sweat! (We’re not making this up.)

We saw the link to this site floating around social media circles over the past few days, and we couldn’t resist sharing it. Full Disclosure: We don’t know the first thing about this site, other than it is being endorsed by the New Jack Swing pioneer Keith Sweat. And for us, well, that’s just about all we need to know! Sadly, there’s not as much Sweat on the site as we would wish, but when you hear him say “It looks sexy as hell in here today” during the site’s “Launch Party” video, it will take all of your willpower not to sign up right away.

PS! If you happened to have already registered for True Love Meets, please let us know in the comments:
1) How truly awesome it is
2) If there are really hookahs at the meetups like this video promises!

[via @tatiana]