How To Lose American Idol In Five Easy Steps: A Scientific Analysis!

In two weeks’ time, American Idol will crown a new winner and three of the final four ladies in the competition will be losers. At this point in the competition, all of the remaining contestants —Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb, and Angie Miller— are capable of winning. They each have a beautiful, big voice. They each have cultivated a distinct “brand” with an eager fan base. And they each have multiple opportunities to mess up big time.

It’s not about the talent anymore. It’s about the song choices.

For example, on last night’s American Idol, Candice Glover delivered flawless renditions of “When I Was Your Man” and “You’ve Changed,” but could still be in danger because she relies on old school runs a bit too much. Angie Miller was lambasted for choosing the wrong song for her voice (Rihanna’s “Diamonds”) even though she arranged it into one of her piano ballads. Amber Holcomb almost broke down in tears when she was criticized harshly for not selling a Pink song. Finally, guest coach Harry Connick, Jr. and Randy Jackson got into an actual argument over the way Kree Harrison chose to interpret “Stormy Weather.”

One of these four finalists made a strategic move last night that will keep them in the competition and one of them just lost American Idol. Who are we referring to?

Well, after doing extensive analysis of all 12 seasons of the show, we learned some things. And we’re here to share that knowledge with you (and this year’s Idol finalists, should they be reading this post). Here’s our dissertation on HOW TO LOSE AMERICAN IDOL IN FIVE EASY STEPS.

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