Last Lap: Why Was Tyler, the Creator’s Controversial Ad Pulled?

The Beastie Boys’ MCA gets some love from Brooklyn, Tom Morello keeps fighting for the workers, and Katy Perry keeps us guessing about her upcoming album.

  • Odd Future wunderkind Tyler, the Creator has had his Mountain Dew ad pulled from television. The spot, featuring a battered woman and a police lineup of black men, was found racist and misogynistic by viewers. Tyler has yet to respond to the controversy, but do you think the ad is offensive? [Billboard]

  • A Brooklyn park is being renamed after Adam Yauch, also known as the Beastie Boys’ MCA. Yauch lost his battle with cancer in 2012, but his legacy is being felt in his old neighborhood. A dedication ceremony is slated for May 3. [NME]
  • To mark this year’s May Day, Tom Morello is offering free tracks from his 2011 Union Town album. Downloads are available from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ website. [Rolling Stone]
  • Katy Perry is staying tight-lipped about collaborators on her upcoming album. She’s recruited producers she’s worked with previously, but not letting much else out of the bag. Read more about what’s in store on her latest LP. [MTV]

[Photo: Getty Images]