ROBIN THICKE EXCLUSIVE: Jason Collins Blocked Me

Robin Thicke stopped by VH1 headquarters here in New York City yesterday afternoon for a quick visit to the set of Big Morning Buzz Live, where he’s currently promoting his ridiculously awesome new single, “Blurred Lines” (a single we’ve had #ONREPEAT for the last few months). We sat down with Robin for about 20 minutes before he went on-air and talked about a number of things, the most surprising of which was his connection to Jason Collins, who earlier this week became the first active NBA player to come out.

“Let me tell you what’s funny about Jason,” Thicke said. “We went to Montclair Prep together. He was in 6th grade when I was in 8th grade and we would play basketball together, me and his two brothers. And I HATED them because they were so tall, even when they were in 6th grade! They were like 6’8″, and I was like ’Who are these 6th graders that are 6’8” that are blocking my shot at recess?’ So I hated Jason and he hated me.

“So the funny thing is we saw each other years later at an event and he was like the sweetest guy in the world. We were like old pals. ’Cause I remember I was probably like mean to him when I was young because I was jealous of him being so tall, because I wanted to be a basketball player.”

Thicke continued, “I’m so proud of Jason, it’s such a man’s world in sports, you know? It couldn’t be better for society for a guy who’s very beloved and respected and a very good person to come out.”

We’ll have more from our interview with Robin Thicke for you tomorrow, in which he talks about the controversy surrounding his “Blurred Lines” video, his upcoming studio album, and much more!

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