Friday Face-Off: Carlos Santana Vs. Miguel

Cinco de Mayo (not to be confused with Mexico’s Independence Day) celebrates an unlikely military victory Mexico had over the French back in the day. It’s not as big of deal there, but in the U.S. it’s all about guacamole, booze and parties (I’ll be shooting tequila starting at sundown). In that spirit, vote to tell us if Santana’s “Maria Maria” or Miguel’s “Adorn” makes you want to wave that Mexican flag harder this weekend.

Team Carlos Augusto Alves Santana

Santana “Maria Maria” – The band Santana’s Supernatural hit #1 in many countries worldwide thanks in part to sexy Latin rock anthems like “Maria Maria” showcasing famed guitarist Carlos Santana’s insane riffing skills. Featuring The Product G&B and Wyclef Jean, the video is one big party that I should hope my Cinco de Mayo celebration looks like. I defy anyone to not dance when they hear Santana chanting “Ahora vengo mama chula mama chula.”

Team Miguel Jontel Pimentel

Miguel “Adorn” – The critically lauded half-Mexican, R&B crooner can’t speak Spanish, but he can speak a little Portuguese with ease if his sleeper hit “Quickie” is to be believed. All of that translates to sexy to me, just like “Adorn.” The video walks the line of kinky-sex nightmare complete with fishnets over faces, abandoned warehouses and cheerleader outfits. If all those tequilas and tacos have you feeling frisky, this is clearly your jam to set the mood for some 5th of May mayhem.