VIDEO PREMIERE: Sheryl Crow Takes It “Easy” On The Lead Single Of Her Country Debut

Sheryl Crow has always had an easygoing, Southern way about her, so her recent foray into country music definitely feels like a natural progression for her as an artist (as opposed to a calculated, careerist maneuver). In fact, her 2002 duet with Kid Rock, “Picture,” was nominated for Vocal Event of the Year at the 2003 Country Music Awards, so she’s by no means a stranger in Nashville circles. Her debut country single, “Easy” —the video of which we’re excited to premiere tonight!— has a laidback feel to it, with its references to skipping a planned vacation in Mexico in favor of an adventure in her own backyard.

Like with a lot of good country songs, there’s definitely a bit of a depressing lilt to the track. Crow might be singing a refrain of “Who needs Mexico?” and meaning it, but the reality of the situation is that this couple didn’t have enough scratch to make their dream vacation happen. Financial issues aside, Crow’s staycation is much easier to bear thanks to the good looking fella she’s got to keep her company (Sex And The City hunk Jason Lewis). The two look to make the most of a rough situation by stringing up a hammock in the living room and listening to Jack Johnson, which looks like plenty o’ fun, but we can’t help but think that the narrator of this song is sending out mixed messages. After all, after an evening of “making love” in her “king-sized bed,” she closes the song by singing “Let’s stay home,” which she then immediately proceeds to contradict by beg-singing “Baby, let’s get away” … twice! The moral of the story? Better start saving for next year’s Mexico trip now, hombre!