What Do You Think Of Mariah Carey And Miguel’s New Song, “Beautiful”? [POLL]

Last year’s “comeback” single for Mariah Carey, “Triumphant,” sounded fantastic but never really caught on with the public-at-large. So, this time around, the new mom and target of Nicki Minaj shady subtweets decided to partner up with R&B sensation Miguel, who just scored the Grammy for Best R&B single, on a track called “Beautiful.” It’s not your typical Mariah fare, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love it.

You normally don’t see Mariah’s legendary 5-octave range paired up alongside a guitar lick that sounds straight out of a doo wop song from the 1950s, and you NEVER see her ceding the first 90 seconds of a duet track to another artist, but in the case of “Beautiful,” it totally works. Or does it? You tell us!

What Do You Think Of “Beautiful”?