40 Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Topped Maxim‘s Hot 100 List

It’s time for a party in the USA, because Miley Cyrus has been named the number one hottie on Maxim’s annual Hot 100 list! The 20-year-old broke the good news via Twitter on Friday before the magazine had formally announced her crown, proving yet again that the singer just can’t be tamed.

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“Didn’t know this was coming out yet,” she shared, along with a pic from her photoshoot with the mag. “I’m so happy to be #1 on Maxims HOT 100! #myfanskickass #dreamsdocometrue” She follows in the footsteps of last year’s winner, supermodel Bar Refaeli, in addition to fellow past honorees like Transformers starlet Rosie-Huntington Whitley, Katy Perry, and Olivia Wilde.

We imagine Miley must have had some pretty stiff competition to climb all the way to number one, but between her sassy new ’do, racy magazine spreads in V, Cosmopolitan and Elle, and new single with Snoop Lion “Ashtrays & Heartbreaks”, we can understand why 2013 was her year. Need more proof? Well then head up to the gallery above! We’ve got 40 smokin’ reasons why Miley totally deserved the top spot!

[Photo: Getty Images/V Magazine]

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