Rihanna Shows Up 3 Hours Late For A Concert In Boston, Plus What’s That Blurred Thing Behind Her Ear?

Looks like Rihanna pulled a move out of Axl Rose’s playbook in Boston last night, showing up nearly 3 hours late for a concert last night. The show was a make good for a concert that she had cancelled a few months back due to a bout of laryngitis, but her tardiness (and lack of any sort of apologies) caused the Beantown division of the Rihanna Navy to boo the singer mercilessly, according to the Daily Mail. So, why was she late? We’re not sure, but could it have anything to do with what was conspicuously blurred out of the Rihanna 777 special that aired on Fox last night?

Yes, that’s right, the infamous 777 tour from last November was turned into a one-hour long documentary, which was comprised the best moments of the roughly 168 hour international escapade. We couldn’t help notice that more than a few of Rihanna’s outfits were blurred so today’s youth weren’t scarred by the sight of her nipples on broadcast television, but we (and our old pal Lindsey Weber at Vulture) also noticed that something other than her nipples got blurred. Take a look at her ear in this photo:

Hmmmm, what in tarnation could that be? A stray Q-Tip? One of those tiny pencils you get at miniature golf courses? Or is it … A DOOBIE?!? Only the censors at Fox can be certain!

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Vulture]