Last Lap: Who’s Suing Justin Bieber and Usher?

Daft Punk downplay expectations for their new album, Ja Rule leaves prison, and MTV gets ready to premiere Selena Gomez’s new video tonight.

  • Two Virginia songwriters allege that Justin Bieber’s 2010 hit with Usher, “Somebody to Love,” includes similar lyrics and other elements to one of their compositions. The songwriters are claiming copyright infringement and additional damages totalling $10 million. [Vibe]
  • In a GQ interview, French electronic duo Daft Punk mentions the law of sequels and how, by that logic, their new LP will undoubtedly suck. Um, have you actually heard “Get Lucky?” [Prefix]
  • Rapper Ja Rule was released from federal prison today after serving time on gun and tax evasion charges. He’ll be on home confinement until the end of June, but we’re hoping we can get an Ashanti duet soon…for old time’s sake. [TMZ]
  • Tune in to MTV at 7:53 PM tonight to catch the exclusive video premiere for Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get It,” and stay parked for an interview with the pop princess. In the meantime, find out how she feels about work from pals Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. [MTV]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]