Dirty Dancers: 15 Sexy Back Up Dancers Who Got Down With Their Famous Bosses

What happens on tour doesn’t always stay on tour. For some reason, pop stars and musicians can’t seem to resist the allure of hooking up with their back up dancers. Maybe it’s because they all love music. Maybe it’s because they’re sharing the road. Or maybe it’s just because back up dancers are insanely hot?

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You honestly can’t blame a musician for hooking up with a back up dancer. I mean, they’re spending long hours on the road together and most of the time those dancers are literally moving their bodies in seductive ways at their bosses’s whims. However, some of the hookups step up to being a lifelong partnership and others are nothing more than two sexy people getting down off stage. For instance,  Mayte Garcia not only became Prince’s wife, but his artistic muse, while Brahim Zaibat seems to be nothing more than one of the Material Girl’s new playthings.

Whether it’s true love or just a sexy dance move that might have went too far, the 15 dirty dancers on our list were so good at getting down on stage that they (allegedly) got to get down with the pop star they were working for.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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