Elvis + Moonshine Give Gin Wigmore The Blues

She’s not rocking sparkly capes and blue suede shoes yet, but You Oughta Know’s Gin Wigmore loves her some Elvis Presley.  A few years back when the 26-year-old Kiwi star decided she wanted to make blues-influenced Gravel & Wine, Gin turned full-blown expat, ditching the Aussie Gold Coast for a solo trip to Memphis with the King as a sort of spirit guide.

“I listened to Elvis the whole time,” Gin said. And all of those long drives getting intimate with “Elvis the Pelvis” apparently rubbed off on some of the “Black Sheep” star’s own performances:

Sun Studios and Graceland aside, the South left a deep impression on Gin. “I think that was the nicest thing about being [in Memphis]. You’re a stranger and you don’t know the area, but everyone makes you feel like you’re part of the family.”

With that kind of support it only took two months, much moonshine and an inch of mac ’n’ cheese on her hips for Gin to birth an album’s worth of  “life-changing experiences” for her sophomore record. It’s definitely a start to filling those blue suede shoes.

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