Robin Thicke On Justin Timberlake Comparisons: “If You Really Listened To Our Music, You Wouldn’t Compare Us”

Because they’re both good looking white dudes who make music that gets a lot of urban-format play, the media likes to draw comparisons between Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake. When we sat down with Robin Thicke here at VH1 headquarters recently, we asked the debonair singer/songwriter what he thought of constantly being compared to JT. “If you really listened to our music and you didn’t know what we looked like, you wouldn’t compare us as much,” he explained.

“Our music is pretty different,” he continued. “And, if you came to our shows, our audiences are different. But the fact is we’re both around the same age, we both were inspired by the same generation of artists —Prince, Michael Jackson, George Michael, as well as Marvin Gaye and Al Green. The good thing about him is he’s not faking any of it, he makes music that he loves. He love soul music and he wants to make that and, you know, I make music that I love. But the thing is, we’re both married to actresses, we’re both white guys making black music, so there are similarities.”

In addition to answering questions about “Blurred Lines” and his former grade school basketball nemesis Jason Collins, we also asked him about performing at Michael Jordan’s wedding a few weeks ago. “That was a personal highlight for me because he was my idol growing up,” he said. “And [MJ] knew all the words to the songs while I was singing, it was a magical moment for me. I sang ’You’re My Baby’, ’2 Luv Birds,’ ’Jus Right’ … all non-singles. He picked all the songs that he wanted to hear that him and her listened to while they fell in love. That was a pretty cool moment.”

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[Photo: Getty Images]