Last Lap: Lil’ Wayne Can’t Recall His Seizures

The musical about the Beatles’ early days is headed to the U.S., Green Day’s frontman attacks Psy on Instagram, and Beyonce purchases a Malibu mansion from a style icon.

  • During an interview on RapFix Live, Lil’ Wayne discussed his recent epileptic seizures. He said the attacks seem to come suddenly and he isn’t able to remember them at all. The rapper suffered three chronic seizures in March, and was also hospitalized last week after an attack. [MTV]
  • Let It Be, the stage production about the Beatles’ rise to fame, is coming stateside. The show will have its New York premiere in July and will run through December. [Rolling Stone]
  • Fresh from rehab, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong hopped on social media to criticize global sensation Psy. The rock star called the K-pop king “the herpes of music.” Perhaps Armstrong is confused about the term “viral video.” [NME]
  • Speculation still swirls around whether Beyonce is growing her brood. But if that’s the case, the Carter offspring will be chilling in Malibu. Beyonce dropped $45 million on the mansion, which was once owned by Cher. And with Blue Ivy moving in, the diva dynasty will surely continue. [Vibe]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]