10 Musicians You Should DEFINITELY Follow On Instagram

Just like we like to indulge in the selfies movement of narcissism on Instagram, celebs are no different. When it comes to posting pics for the double tap no one is exempt.

  • 2chainz

  • 2chainz2

  • 2chainz3

  • azealia

  • azealia2

  • azealia3

  • bieber

  • bieber2

  • bieber3

  • diddy

  • diddy2

  • diddy3

  • drake

  • drake2

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  • jt

  • jt2

  • jt3

  • katy

  • katy2

  • katy3

  • luda

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  • ri

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  • ri3

  • snoop

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  • snoop3

Musicians’ Instagram pages come in array of randomness. Bad gal Riri posts everything from vacations to making it rain in the strip club. Justin Bieber brings all the girls to the yard with shirtless pics that should be accompanied by a “hide ya wife, hide ya kids” caption. Whatever these musicians post it makes their fans feel like they have a front row seat to the lives of their favorites. Here’s why we think you should follow these 10 musicians on Instagram. Let us know your personal favorite musician IG follows!

1. 2 Chainz
IG: hairweavekiller

The only reason you should need to hit that follow button is his IG name alone. It’s neck and neck for best IG names with yours truly, Drake.

2. Drake
IG: champagnepapi

Really, what was Aubrey Graham doing the day he joined Instagram and said to himself, “Champagnepapi. That’s it!” And were his friends laughing wildly when he told them, “Hey homie, follow me on Instagram. Champagnepapi?”  If Drake posts one more picture of him with these adorable kids he’s going to have all his maxi dress fans praying to have his curly haired babies.

3. Rihanna
IG: badgalriri

Here’s what you can count on seeing on Riri’s Instagram: blunts, her half naked body, bff Melisssa Forde and memories of gran-gran Dolly. It’s her rockstar life, the highs and lows, but mostly the highs. No pun intended.

4. Diddy
IG: iamdiddy

If you hate inspirational quotes you may not want to follow Diddy. But he balances it out with the Daddy photos and advertising of his products and artists. Marketing 101, kids.

5. Katy Perry
IG: californiancat
A lot of glammed up Katy and a lot of fabulous nails. Not the place to go to catch a makeup free flick from the pop singer herself.

6. Snoop Dogg
IG: snoopdogg

Where else on the ’net can you see a candid photo of a remixed Warner Brothers shirt that reads “If you see da’ police, Warn A Brother.” Very clever Mr. Snoop Lion.

7. Justin Bieber
IG: justinbieber

He’s shirtless. Like, all the time.

8. Justin Timberlake
IG: justintimberlake

If you’re over the age of 12 and prefer not to see the bare chested Biebs, here’s a grown man for you to gawk over.

9. Ludacris
IG: itsludacris

Luda’s going to make you laugh. His #nowthatsludicrous pictures are beyond WTF worthy. But lean in for this little secret. We follow mainly because of the pictures he posts with his girlfriend Eudoxie (@eudoxiee). She’s a beauty.

10. Azealia Banks
IG: azealiabanks

This girl loves her weave and her cats.