Mariah Carey Proves That She’s Still Got It (And Then Some!) In Her New Video With Miguel For “#Beautiful”

Mariah Carey and Miguel dropped their new single, “#Beautiful,” on Monday, and it quickly rose to the top of the iTunes Singles Chart (it’s currently sitting in the #6 position). Response to this song has been incredibly positive, even if The Lambily seems to be aching for a bit more Mimi on the track. Either way, these two wasted no time in dropping a video for the song, which proves once and for all (as if there were any doubters out there!) that Mariah’s still one of the hottest chicks in the game.

Directed by iconic music video maestro Joseph Kahn (Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” Eminem’s “Without Me,”), this video puts Mariah Carey’s positively INSANE figure on display, and really shows off the chemistry between her and Miguel (and the camera, which we know loves Mariah as much as she loves it). The video begins with Mariah whispering sweet nothings into Miguel’s ear during a gorgeous, magic hour motorcycle ride, then performing a fun, flirty and seductive dance for him when they reach their destination. You wouldn’t necessarily peg Mariah as the type who would actively choose an abandoned barn as a place to have a romantic romp —she seems like someone who would prefer a 5 star hotel with all the amenities, right?— but she certainly sells it somethin’ fierce with a dance so electric we’re surprised all that stray hay didn’t go up in flames. Get ready to hear a lot of this song this summer!

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