The 10 Sexiest GIFs Of Mariah Carey In Her New Video For “#Beautiful”

Mariah Carey sexes it up in her new music video with Miguel for the song “#Beautiful,” the lead single from her first new album in four years. The singer has always made incredibly sexy videos but considering that she gave birth to twins just two years ago, she’s looking her best in years. Clearly, she agrees. It’s on full display. We dutifully made GIFs of her sexiest moments from the video.

1. Oh, Mariah is touching herself on a motorcycle.

2. Now she’s rubbing her legs.

3. Mariah’s really showing off those legs. Oh and there’s some side butt!

4. Look at her strut.

5. Oh those are definitely panties.

6. And again!

7. Now, she’s giving us sex eyes.

8. And werking that silhouette.

9. It’s not Mariah without some twirling.

10. And with one arm raise, she’s says “I’m back.”

She most certainly is!

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