First Dibs: How Did Kanye West Bump His Head?

What makes Lana Del Rey want to start drinking again? Who is American Idol cast off Angie Miller hoping to duet with in the finale? Was Chance The Rapper high on acid when he recorded Acid Rap?

  • Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went for a walk in Beverly Hills, like you do, and then Kanye hit his head on a sign, like you don’t do. Kanye then flipped out on the paparazzi who had filmed the event and everyone but him had fun. [Daily Mail]
  • Singer Lana Del Rey covers Fashion magazine and in her interview revealed that although she’s been eight years sober, the mockery her music got in the press made her want to drink again. She also spoke about how the fashion industry’s acceptance of her saved her. [Fashion Magazine]
  • Angie Miller may have been kicked off American Idol this week, but she will be back next week to perform in the finale with a mystery guest. Rumors point to Adam Lambert or Jessie J, and Miller says that she “would die if [she] were able to sing with Jessie J.” [Rolling Stone]
  • Chance The Rapper titled his new mixtape, Acid Rap, because he was rapping under the influence of acid. “I mean, it wasn’t too much,” he explained. “I’d say it was about 30 to 40 percent acid … more so 30 percent acid.” So it should be called 30% Acid Rap, then, right? [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]