Gin Wigmore’s Tramp Stamp Was ‘A Huge F***ing Mistake’

Gin Wigmore got her first tattoo at 14 while her parents were out of town. The native New Zealander grabbed $370, a fake ID (thanks to big bro), a friend and got a dragon tramp stamped above her rear.

She regrets that “huge f****ing mistake” but it hasn’t stopped the “Black Sheep” singer from getting 12 (and counting) more spur-of-the-moment “skin pictures” over the years.

“To be honest they’re all impulse tattoos,” Gin said. “I like something that’s so long term, yet so impulsive.” Uh, so, that ferocious, snarling bear on her right forearm wasn’t thought out? “I found that in a hunting magazine while I was waiting in the doctor’s. It’s as shallow as that, really.”

We can get behind that. It’s like a semi-permanent body journal. So how inked up is Gin willing to get? Well she’s stopping short of full sleeves. “Every sports star’s got a full sleeve now, so I’d be copying them a little bit too much,” Gin said.  In that case, I still spy plenty of space on her left bicep for a little VH1 logo action.

Gin explains all of her tattoos (and consequences) in the video above. Keep coming back regularly for Gin Wigmore updates all month as we follow her as May’s You Oughta Know artist.