Eve’s Style Evolution: Then Vs. Now

Eve’s back! It’s been a very long time–11 years long– since Eve released an album. Lip Lock (May 14) is her first album since 2002’s Eve-Olution. With the new album on deck we dug through the archives–taking it all the way back to ’99–to look at the evolution of her style.

Eve’s fashion sense has come a long way. The Philly native went from the platinum blonde pit bull in a skirt showing off her paw tatted boobs to front row seats at Fashion Week’s most exclusive shows. Whether her evolving style can be contributed to naturally ever-changing trends or hiring a new stylist, Eve rarely gets it wrong these days. Around 2005 is when you’ll notice the shift from rough around the edges to elegant grown woman. The short curly hair transformed into longer weaves. That TV exposure (and money!) was good to Eve. On Eve’s big comeback day we’re paying homage to her graceful transformation. While you’re here, check out her video “Eve” ft. Miss Kitty from the new album.

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[Photo Credit: Getty Images]