47 Sexiest Janet Jackson Pics For Her 47th Birthday: ‘Janet Taught Me’

If you looked this good at 47 wouldn’t you tell people to call you Miss Jackson, if ya nasty? Forget the “Yeezy taught me” meme. All pop stars 35 and under need to pay homage. “Janet taught me” props to the original, incomparable Janet Jackson are long overdue.

  • Janet Jackson And Justin Timberlake Super Bowl

  • Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake Super Bowl

A Happy Birthday is in order to one of the most iconic pop stars who ever stepped foot on stage. While there are stats galore to validate why she’s Queen we’re focusing on her sexy. Have you seen pictures of her lately? Chick doesn’t look a day over 30. Janet is still slaying, effortlessly, at 47. Her soft baby face can make anyone melt. Her sex appeal ooozes sexy without towing the line of raunchy. Forty-seven of Janet’s sexiest looks, anyone? Don’t mind if we do.

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[Photo Credit: Splash News and Getty Images]