Gin Wigmore Wins Big Style Points For Remembering Pants

Forget YOLO, our You Oughta Know artist Gin Wigmore is all about bolos. At least she was last month when she was proudly rocked the tie along with a heavy duty, cow wrangling, belt buckle as big as your face. “Feels like I’m going to round up some cattle, really do something with my life,” Gin said. “It’s going to be Plan B.”

If the “Black Sheep” multi-platinum recording star¬†must have any secondary career, we think it should be in fashion with her fun switch it up and roll with it style, but Gin laughs off the compliment. According to her, there’s really just one rule when it comes to getting dressed be it on tour or on the weekend: “If I’m not walking out nude, I’m winning.” Pretty sure there would be few objections to her hitting the town in the buff.

  • No Pants Party

  • Baby Doll Rocker

  • Bond Babe

  • BOLO!

  • Floral Friendly

  • Tied To Punk

  • Romping Performer

  • Where’s Wigmore?

  • Casually Edgy

  • Casual Cowgirl

Check out our gallery of some of our favorite Gin looks and keep checking back for updates on Miss Wigmore as we follow her and her favorite five pairs of jeans all month long.