Gin Wigmore’s Gravel & Wine Gets Better With Age

We’ve been obsessing over Gin Wigmore’s Gravel & Wine since it dropped in the  U.S. at the beginning of April, but it looks like we have some catching up to do. Wigmore fans have been rocking her sophomore set list  since 2011 when the album first dropped in Gin’s native New Zealand.

That’s not a problem to Gin, though, who admitted to us that while it’s nice doing a new record, taking Gravel & Wine overseas has given it a new life.

“If anything it’s gotten kind of stronger,” she said. “I know the personalities in those songs more.” Turns out giving Gin’s latest effort time to evolve has been an exciting experience for her.

Not to mention Gin’s already familiar with reintroducing herself to North America. She told VH1 News that she actually turned down major U.S. label deals when she was 17 in favor of doing a little growing up at home on the other side of the equator first.

So maybe us Yanks were slow to catch onto the brilliance of the You Oughta Know singer with the Duffy meets Amy Winehouse twang. But we weren’t too late. Besides, everyone knows what they say about good wine.